Letter from the President, February 2021

Recently, Washington, DC had its first major snowfall in about two years. The cold, snowy days provided the perfect backdrop to curl up and read a good book. I took advantage of a few quiet days and finished Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.  Published in 1934, Rebecca is set in the English countryside, and tells the story of a young bride living in the shadows of her husband’s deceased first wife. The story intertwines romance and mystery. Two movies, of the same name, based on the novel have been produced, the most recent was released on Netflix last fall.

If you’re looking for book recommendations, our BookRoom Manager, Martine, has created a list of recommendations. Each month, the Global Link features Martine’s Must Reads, where Martine provides recommendations of a variety of book genres including children’s books.  Be sure to check out February’s list.

Did you know AAFSW has published quality books on a variety of subjects related to the Foreign Service? The three books below provide essays, advice and humor on our lifestyle.

Speaking of our lifestyle, our unique experiences provide inspiration for many stories that non-Foreign Service family members and friends don’t quite believe. Many Foreign Service officers and family members put pen to paper and create interesting books and blogs from historical fiction, autobiographies, cookbooks and lifestyle books. One of AAFSW’s longtime Art and Bookfair volunteers, Carol Stricker, recently published Bombs, Bullets and the Tank at the Office: Protecting Americans on Diplomacy’s Front Lines. The title alone will surely pique your interest. To learn more about the author and her book, please read an interview with Carol here.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive list of books authored or edited by our friends and colleagues, AFSA publishes annually in the Foreign Service Journal, a collection of books by members of the Foreign Service community. The most recent list was published in November 2020: here is the link.

Lara Center, AAFSW President