Letter from the President April 2021

Spring Cleaning!  

AAFSW is working on a website refresh!  It’s been a decade since our website was last updated and we thought it was time to focus on that.  Our webmaster, Nicole Spiridakis, is the lead on this project and I know she has been working hard to provide a fresh look to our site and update our content.  Be on the lookout this spring for our new look.  Don’t worry, the address will remain the same – www.aafsw.org  

Did you know AAFSW’s website originally launched in 1999?  Longtime AAFSW volunteer, Melissa Hess urged the board to look towards the future, recognizing technology was changing the way we do business.  As stated in the April 1999 Global Link Newsletter, a website would “increase visibility, credibility and the potential for attracting new members.”  AAFSW adopted a website called Lifelines which was started in 1998 by several EFM’s and provided advice about foreign service life.  By January 2000, Lifelines was transformed into AAFSW’s website at www.aafsw.org .   

Did you know AAFSW has other websites?  Most notably is FS Hub (www.fshub.org).  FSHub.org is a comprehensive searchable gateway to Foreign Service resources, including official, non-profit and independent sources and social media groups.   The website, available to everyone, launched in 2015 with a grant from the Cox Foundation to provide a one-stop resource for the foreign service.  AAFSW also has a Housing Classifieds site and EFM Business Directory for our members.

Happy Spring!