Learning About Challenges and Opportunities Facing Israeli Diplomacy

Ambassador Dermer speaking on Oct. 29, 2015.

On October 29, a very large group of people gathered at the Loy Henderson Auditorium at the State Department in Washington, DC for a most informative and fascinating time with His Excellency Honorable Ambassador Ron Dermer of Israel. Guests also enjoyed informally socializing over coffee, tea, delicious finger food, and sweets.

The serious tone of the subject, “Challenges and Opportunities Facing Israeli Diplomacy in 2015,” could be seen in the faces and body language nearly everyone. Ambassador Dermer was a wonderful speaker, with great knowledge of both history and current events affecting the nations that surround Israel and the Middle East in general.

Ambassador Dermer displayed great respect for the Islamic faith and said that what is happening in the Middle East is a religious war, as in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Throughout his talk, Ambassador Dermer left no stone unturned and said many things that still stick with me, such as, “People do not appreciate fanatics,” and “when your enemies fight it is best to weaken them both.”

Ambassador Dermer is a walking encyclopedia, an intellectual with a desire for what is best for Israel, its surrounding nations and the entire Middle East. Following his talk, he listened to many challenging questions, comments, and expressions of very personal feelings and beliefs by those in the audience.

It was an educational and informative time for all. Thank you to Sheila for organizing such a fabulous program for all of us!

Troella Tyznik
(Photograph courtesy of Patricia McDougall.)