Joint Event Recap: AAFSW and DACOR

Joint Event: AAFSW and DACOR
Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, Ambassador of the Republic of Afghanistan:
“The Challenges Facing Afghanistan Security in 2017”
Friday, April 7, 2017 — Lunch and Presentation

The AAFSW luncheon on April 7 was held jointly with and in the elegant, historic Dacor-Bacon House, once occupied by Chief Justice John Marshall, who dramatically raised the status of the Supreme Court. Our guest speaker was His Excellency Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, Ambassador of Afghanistan. The ambassador went from a refugee camp in Pakistan to a UK education. His talk began with an earnest plea against the Taliban’s existence in Pakistan, as it harms Pakistan as well as Afghanistan.

He praised the effectiveness of the Afghan Special Operations Forces, but said Afghanistan’s regular troops need more training. He felt Europe’s training of local police should have more purpose. He said that Afghanistan is, indeed, a democracy, even if legislative sessions sometimes get physical. Politicians are allowed to express their views, however different. The ambassador then answered questions about education and women’s issues, both of which he adamantly supports.

As an added touch, Troella Tyznik wore a beautifully decorated 100-year-old Afghan wedding dress. Coincidentally, the ambassador had addressed the Oklahoma state government just two days prior, a fact I learned from my daughter living there. Oklahoma has sent more soldiers to Afghanistan than any other one state, and many are now serving in the state legislature. So this ambassador cares deeply about our military forces. I came away feeling the ambassador’s head and heart are in the right place where his and our countries are concerned. And, yes, I slipped him a copy of my son-in-law’s book, Inside Afghanistan by John Weaver, specially autographed by John for the ambassador.

Jane Bonner

AAFSW Member