Membership Eligibility

Who Can Join?

Regular membership in AAFSW is open to all employees of the U.S. foreign affairs agencies and their adult family members who have served or are subject to serve at a U.S. diplomatic mission, including divorced or widowed spouses. From its origin as a group of female spouses, AAFSW has expanded its membership to include the whole Foreign Service community, active and retired. Civil Service employees of U.S. foreign affairs agencies are also eligible for membership.

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Associate membership in AAFSW is for those individuals who have an active interest in US foreign affairs but who are not family members or employees of US foreign affairs agencies.  Associate members must be sponsored by a current AAFSW member in good standing, and must submit a letter from that sponsor with their application.

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What Does Membership Cost?

Regular Membership:

One Year Regular Membership: $50.00
Two Year Regular Membership: $95 (save $5)
Three Year Regular Membership: $135 (save $15)
Four Year Regular Membership: $175 (save $25)
Five Year Regular Membership: $200 (save $50)

Associate Membership:

$50 (one year at a time, needs a sponsor who is a current member)


Please direct questions about membership eligibility to