Holiday Party Supports New AAFSW Crisis Fund


This was the best, most memorable AAFSW Christmas party ever! The greatest indeed for a good awesome cause — it included a silent auction to benefit the new Crisis Fund. This is a fund suggested by Sheila Switzer to provide temporary help to Foreign Service family members in crisis (such as an evacuation, separation or divorce). The auction raised $961.00, including a few items sold on later days!

Nearly one hundred guests dressed in Christmas colors, smiling and in joyful spirits, brought along delicious dishes as well as something to donate for this good cause. The donated items ranged from beautiful tea towels to a stay at my bed and breakfast on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, My Fair Lady.

This AAFSW Christmas Party Fun/Fund will continue in future years and lay a much-needed foundation for AAFSW and the U.S. Foreign Service community, for mutual help and support when a community member has nowhere to turn. Unfortunately, our Crisis Support Committee and Foreign-Born Spouse Group have sometimes seen Foreign Service family members living in shelters and even in their cars during a crisis. Volunteers have provided personal help in the past, but now they will have a fund to use for this important task. Then when a person who receives assistance gets back on his/her feet, he or she can contribute back to the fund, if able.

Because this will be an ongoing program, you can donate items or money at any time to the Crisis Fund, to help those among us who are experiencing an unfortunate time in their lives. Please donate and help your Foreign Service “family,” as charity begins at home!

I personally want to thank the Foreign-Born Spouse Group for organizing the AAFSW Holiday Party, as all the guests for honoring us with their presence, contributing to the spirit of the event, and donating items for the silent auction. Thank you to the lucky ones who made a successful bid and went home with their treasures, and of course to all the hard-working volunteers!

AAFSW is the “heart core” for active and retired employees and family members in the United States as well as in all our Missions abroad. AAFSW is run by a couple of paid employees, but 99.99% by dedicated, hard working volunteers, and we need more than we currently have! One can offer volunteer services here in the DC area or abroad.

Many other Embassies admire and praise AAFSW for all that it does! We are a big loving, caring family in our loyal and dedicated service in Washington D.C. as well in every part of our world where we represent the United States.

And AAFSW’s Foreign-Born Spouse Group is a very special “family within the family,” where spouses/partners from countries all over the world find friendship, fun and support.
The AAFSW Christmas Party Crisis Fun/Fund has begun a new era for the Foreign Service community. Please contact AAFSW Crisis at to donate what your heart and soul offers!

Troella Tyznik