Fun at the AAFSW Valentine Lunch Party

The AAFSW Valentine’s luncheon on February 8 brought together nearly two dozen members and non-members to celebrate love and friendship at the home of Annabelle Stewart. The feast included a wide range of healthy homemade dishes and several great desserts to try. There were also prizes for the best Valentine’s Day poems.

Once again, donations were solicited for the AAFSW Crisis Fund, through the auction of three healthy salads along with their beautiful dishes and a San Valentino oil painting. $130.00 was raised at the event for this good cause!

The party was sponsored by the very active AAFSW Foreign-Born Spouse Group, but all members of the Foreign Service community are welcome at their events.

AAFSW events offer great fun, a place to see friendly and familiar faces, opportunities to make new friends, and the chance to talk about valuable subjects and gather important information. Come join us at the next AAFSW event to experience a joyful happy time! AAFSW is there to help, as we are all a big loving family! Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Troella Tyznik