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 It was just about trying to spin it into an exciting adventure. And there was always a sense that our family was going on adventures together.

Layla Murphy

Student and “Third Culture Kid”

For us foreign-born spouses, it is a little different than if you are just coming from the U.S. to another post. We have one advantage, and that is that we are already outside of our country…So, we are adaptable.

Jenny Kocher, AAFSW Foreign Born Spouses co-chair

In FS Clips, we interview Foreign Service family members around the world to capture stories of Foreign Service life as told by those who live it. The series differs from traditional oral histories in that these interviews feature discussions and insights on topics specific to Foreign Service life.

Some of the topics include Foreign Born Spouses, Third Culture Kids, EFM Careers, LGBQTI, and Singles in the Foreign Service, with the goal to expand and add additional topics. You can scroll down to explore the individual transcripts listed below. This oral history project is supported by the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.

We’re all important and valuable no matter what we, what our family looks like. I think that’s very important, that to be a good employer, and to be a good agency, we have to be willing to accept that families look very different. And yet all of them add value to our community.

Naureen Nalia, Foreign Service Officer

With the right tools and the right people, anything is achievable.

Louay Azar

EFM and entrepreneur

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Foreign Born Spouses

Experiences of being a foreign born spouse in the Foreign Service.


Navigating life overseas.

Third Culture Kids

The unique benefits and challenges of raising children overseas.

Singles in the Foreign Service

Going the Foreign Service life solo.

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Foreign Born Spouses

Third Culture Kids

EFM Careers


Singles in the Foreign Service


Since its founding in 1960, AAFSW has placed a strong emphasis on community. Our organization and membership have evolved through the years, but our focus on mutual support remains the same.