French Conversation Group

The French Conversation Group, focusing on improving skills in conversation and in reading French literature, has been meeting for over forty years! Members select a book to read together and rotate meeting at member homes in the spring and fall on the first and third Fridays of each month from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Anyone who is associated with the Foreign Service and a member of AAFSW who would like to improve or maintain his or her French language skills is welcome to join. For additional information, please contact Marilyn Wong Gleysteen, PhD, at

Members of the group gather at the home of Chrissy de Fontenay (far right). At left are Greta Morris, Polly Tosini, the late Savannah Walker, Olivia Brown and Minerva Keller. Missing are Christel McDonald, Catherine Pierce, Eve Buckley, Natalie Yambrusic, and Marilyn Wong Gleysteen, who took the photo.




Seated (left to right) are members of the French Conversation Group at Restaurant La Ferme in 2016: Eve Buckley, the late Juliet Grant-Suttie, the late Savannah Walker, Chrissy de Fontenay, Susan Morrison, Catherine Pierce, Minerva Keller, and the late Susanne Newberry. Standing are Olivia Brown and Marilyn Wong Gleysteen. Missing from the photo are Christel McDonald, Chris Zarr, Paula Tosini and Alexandra Parrs.