Foreign Born Spouses Group

A recent happy for the FBS group.

The AAFSW Foreign Born Spouses Group is a close-knit group of members from far and wide, from various cultures and countries.

It meets on the third Wednesday of each month from January through December.

The group usually meets at a member’s home for pot luck brunch or lunch. Sometimes the get-together is held at a restaurant for a change of atmosphere, in which case the members pay for their own meals.

The group usually invites a speaker from the Washington area to talk about topics of interest to the members, as well as to get reacquainted with members who have been assigned back to Washington, those who are between assignments, on home leave, to welcome new members, and the spouses of recent graduates of A 100.

An example of a recent FBS event.

The group welcomes both male and female spouses. The members are of various ages. They are spouses of those who have retired from the Foreign Service to the newly hired.

The organization is also a wonderful resource, especially for the foreign-born spouse living in the greater Washington, D.C., area for the first time. Best of all, it provides members with an opportunity to meet other spouses who are in similar situation. Some members say that attending the FBS Group meetings gives them that wonderful feeling of being overseas once again!

The Foreign Born Spouses is a very welcoming and friendly group. Any AAFSW member, whether foreign born or not, is welcome to attend. For more information, please email