The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Experience


The cool weather of late September in the lovely natural garden of our hosts’ home was just the place for the Ethiopian coffee ceremony! The guests all arrived with delicious dishes that complemented the Ethiopian dishes and were enjoyed by all. Color, beauty, laughter, joy, and vibrant positive energy flowed through the air, warming the heart and the soul!

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony was truly one one of the best ceremonies I have experienced: with warmth and love, we were introduced to the history of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony in all its beauty. We also learned about some of the history and natural wonder that the Ethiopian nation holds.

The aroma of roasting the green fresh coffee filled the air and soothed the soul and the ceremony itself was unique and one of a kind. It left a fossilized mark on each attendee’s soul, heart, and mind and was a dynamic peaceful touch to the spirit.

It was an wonderful ceremony in a perfect location! Thank you to Mrs. Fama and her family for such a gorgeous presentation and to our hosts Sonny and Ceres Busa, and to Sheila Switzer for organizing this lovely program.

Troella Tyznik