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Group – “PROPS – Professional Partners/Spouses of FS”
Membership available upon request and approval by group administrator.


AAFSW’s Facebook Page occasionally posts Department of State and Foreign Service community employment opportunities for family members.

Group – “EFMs Helping Other EFMs Find Employment”

Job Boards
International clearing house for volunteer opportunities and jobs in the non-profit sector. Search by location, name, or mission in 153 countries.
International development information for business, careers, and news. Free and paid membership options. Online job search resources. Nonprofit sector resume advice and international development articles and business intelligence. Founded in 2000, Devex serves a global community of 500,000 development professionals and one thousand funding agencies, companies, and NGOs in 100 countries.

International Jobs Center
Job listing service connected to the International Career Employment Weekly. Partial listings available for free. Full access available with subscription.


Foreign Service Journal – Special Issue on Family Member Employment. April, 2012.

FAMER landing page and information

A Portable Identity
The authors of “A Portable Identity: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas” have launched this website to bring together trailing spouses and expatriate women from around the world in a community of support.

Work Outside the Mission

Current list of countries with bilateral agreements and de-facto work arrangements with the U.S.

Telework Overseas Guidance For Family Members

Global Employment Initiative (GEI)
Regional Global Employment Advisors (GEAs) provide career coaching and networking assistance to spouses seeking employment in the local economy. Not every post has a GEA present but there virtual assistance is offered to all spouses no matter their location. Email to be connected to the Global Employment Advisor for your country/region

Worldwide Family Member Employment Report, Fall 2020

FLO’s page for Family Member Employment statistics and other statistics and details showing how EFMs are employed overseas.  


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