Employment in Washington DC

Career Development Resource Center (CDRC)
Meet individually or in groups with career counselors; available to Department of State spouses/partners and to all EFMs (regardless of parent agency affiliation) employed by State overseas email CDRC@state.gov for more information

GCLO’s Quick Guide to Employment in the DC Area

GCLO’s “Career Management Strategies: Fitting into the Washington Job Market” (PDF brochure)

Job Seekers Network
Meet up with and support other job seekers in the DC area. Email GCLOAskTraining@state.gov for more information

The Career Transition Center (CTC)
The Career Transition Center (CTC) provides retirement planning seminars (RV 101 and 105), a month-long transition program for retiring and separating Civil Service and Foreign Service employees (Job Search Program- RV 102) for U.S. citizen employees of the Department of State and other federal international affairs agencies. Civil Service and Foreign Service employees and retirees are welcome to subscribe to the free “CTC Job Leads” to receive postings on a regular basis. Contact the CTC office to obtain subscription information.