EFM Business Highlight: Ponte Travels

In the Foreign Service, we yearn to see the world with a different perspective, to live and breathe other ways of life. More than just a travel agency, Ponte Travels is working to build bridges between cultures through authentic, sustainable experiences for couples, families, and private groups. As a full-service tour operator, we do our best to make each travel experience as carefree as possible. In addition to creating a personalized itinerary, making all accommodations and tour bookings, and coordinating logistics, we are able to offer assistance booking international airfare, consult on travel insurance, provide pre-departure cultural and preparation material, and even assist with some visa requirements. 

As there is now a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, we are all eager to embark on our next adventure. Now more than ever, expert knowledge is critical for navigating the ever-changing nuances and requirements to move from place to place. As your travel curator, we’re tuned in and can provide you with the latest safety information, restrictions, and procedures as well as provide you with expert travel advice and logistical support. 

Mary Strange.

My passion for world travel was first sparked at age 19 through a study abroad semester in Limerick, Ireland. A career serving in the U.S. Navy, an advanced degree in International Relations, and time spent as a foreign service EFM have further instilled my characteristic global mindset and dedication to encourage others to experience the world first-hand and support local economies. I believe responsible tourism involves giving back to organizations that support local economies and ecosystems. With every trip, Ponte Travels makes a donation to carefully selected NGOs working to improve the lives of millions. 

At Ponte Travels, we believe in the transformative nature of travel; that experiencing the world with respect and humility develops our tolerance, empathy, and most of all understanding of the world and ourselves. 

Mary Strange