EFM Business Highlight: DiploDash

Your next pack out looms in the distance and your family is finally vaccinated and ready for visitors, how will you tackle the endless tasks for your move? DiploDash™ can help. After more than 15 years of moving, the thought of retirement seems easier than facing another PCS, DiploDash can help. You’ve arrived at post and you see exactly why you need that consumables shipment, DiploDash can help. If you just realized you don’t have a consumables shipment and you are hangry for some treats from home, DiploDash can help.

DiploDash™, LLC strives to simplify the lives, minimize the stress and give back time to the diplomatic, military and expat communities. Through our PCS services, we are managing remote consumables shipments, providing onsite delivery/pack out support for your move, curating seasonal personal care packages, and providing one-on-one moving strategy sessions. Regardless of how we connect, one thing is certain — our focus is supporting you.

To discuss your needs, please email christine@diplodash.com or visit our website www.DiploDash.com. Follow us on Instagram @diplodash and Facebook @diplodashservice to stay up to date on our offerings.