Donate to the 2019 AAFSW BookFair!

Does the AAFSW Art & BookFair Want My Jewelry?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? The answer is YES! Over the years, we all collect jewelry from overseas and stateside. Just as our taste in clothing and style change with time, so does our taste in jewelry. Whether new or not so new, we want your jewelry so someone else can enjoy it and we can use the proceeds for scholarships and interesting programs. As with all art items, if you know the country of origin, please put it on the list of your donated items. We will give you a receipt, you will do the evaluation.

Do you have stamps from overseas? They can be individual, first day covers, or sets. Our experts want them all.

Do you have some time and are looking for an interesting and fun place to volunteer? Art and BookFair (ABF) works all year for our October fair. Call or come by for more information. We are located in Foggy Bottom (down the stairs in the middle of the cafeteria). Turn left to the far hallway, left again and just before the glass doors to the garage–the Book Store is on the left from 11:30 – 2:30 each day. We will bring you to our office. See contact info at the end of this article.

Your art items from all over the world are very interesting to us. Don’t forget the country of origin if you know it. We also still want your books, but please, check them before sending them to us. We cannot sell mildewed/foxed books: mildewed books can contaminate other books. Think of our volunteers who go through books. For very old and valuable books, please put it in a sealed bag with any information you have.

Don’t have time to come in on a regular basis? How about picking up books for us? We will ask you to pick up books in your area. Sometimes donors will bring books to you. Martine Nakpil, our BookRoom manager, will help you coordinate.

Donor or volunteer, we value YOU. Without you, we wouldn’t have books to sell nor people to sort, price, and sell them. We have a lot of fun together while working for a great organization. Our children need the scholarships and we promise to bring you interesting programs.

Contact info: Martine Nakpil, BookRoom: 202-223-5796,
Anne Kauzlarich:, ABF Chair