A Delicious Thanksgiving 2017 Lunch

On Wednesday, November 15, a group of very lively AAFSW/FBS members celebrated Thanksgiving at Yolanda Macias-Cottrell’s lovely home in Vienna. We had it all – a traditional Thanksgiving feast of turkey with all the trimmings and even a pilgrim among us! Well, it was Troella dressed as the pilgrim, but we appreciated that she dressed for the occasion. Barbara and Lea expertly carved the turkey, which was eagerly devoured by the group. Sheila entertained us with her Thanksgiving trivia and deeply tested our knowledge of Thanksgiving tradition and history with a quiz.

While commercialization has watered down the true meaning of Thanksgiving for some, that clearly was not the case with the AAFSW/FBS members who gathered on this day. These ladies, coming from different countries and cultures, enthusiastically joined together to celebrate friendships, old and new.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would like to thank our host, Yolanda, who baked her very first yet very delicious pumpkin pie for us. Many thanks to Sheila for her untiring efforts to help foreign-born spouses in need, as well as to Joanna and the AAFSW staff for their tireless work and support of the foreign service community.

Lea Hesse
AAFSW Member