Coping with Divorce and Moving On with AAFSW

Every year, Foreign Service spouses reach out to AAFSW for help in a situation of crisis, usually
during a separation or a divorce. Divorce within the Foreign Service community always involves
legal challenges that can complicate the process, especially when there are children involved.

Relocation, when a trailing spouse wants to return home with the children, not always but
often with no moral or financial support from their spouse – a commissioned officer- is always a

AAFSW would like to address these issues of personal stressors that may adversely impact on
the Foreign Service community or their family's health or wellbeing, including divorce, grief or
loss in a more transparent manner. As such, AAFSW is pleased to introduce its new Transition
Webpage to share useful resources and initiatives available at the State Department and within
the Washington metropolitan area, with monthly articles and interviews. Please follow the link
below for further information.

AAFSW’s Spouses in Transition page.

Best of luck,
Celine Erickson
Transition Chair