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Congratulations to Our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

The American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) has been operating for more than 60 years, since its establishment on March 1, 1960, AAFSW has worked to advocate for the benefit of the American Foreign Service Community and has led new strategies and ideas to enhance the needs of the American foreign affairs community. You will always find in the organization the spirit to advocate and lobby on behalf of its members, support EFMs, foreign born spouses, provide scholarships, awards, cultural events and much more!


Despite the burden of the economy during the pandemic, we have been continuing operating on behalf of the American Foreign Service community. We would like to thank our members and friends who contributed monetarily to continue providing scholarships. The last two years AAFSW did not suspend or reduce the amount of each scholarship we offer. Our commitment is to continue serving the community with this program. I would like to thank our President Lara Center and the Board for this effort in a challenging time. My special appreciation for the judges who read all the applications and chose our winners for this year. 

Since 1961, AAFSW has raised money for scholarships. At that time, AAFSW gave money to AFSA since they had an established scholarship program. AAFSW continued to do this (AFSA noted which scholarship winners received a scholarship from AAFSW) until 2013. 


In 2013 the board decided to establish AAFSW Merit Scholarship for College Students, including the Judy Felt Memorial Scholarship for an outstanding volunteer. This one was established in honor of Judy Felt who served as president from 2005-2007. Her service at AAFSW as a longtime volunteer was so appreciated, that upon hearing of her death, the board decided to set up a scholarship fund in her name. She passed away in 2013. 


In 2018, Joanna Athanasopolous Owen PhD, during her term as president, pointed out the necessity to establish a new scholarship called “AAFSW Twice Exceptional Merit Scholarship”. During that time, the Foreign Affairs family was dealing with uncertainty over the Special Needs Education Allowance (SNEA) and other benefits that Foreign Service families with children with disabilities receive. This annual scholarship is designed to reward Academic Excellence for high school, seniors/gap year students and/or college freshmen and sophomores who have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or equivalent program in place.  She also advocated to increase the amount of money for the six annual scholarships.


Congratulations to the Winners of the AAFSW Merit Scholarship Program! Join us on Tuesday, August 23 at the AAFSW Awards Ceremony. Check our social media for more information.


AAFSW Twice Exceptional Merit Scholarship

  • Benjamin Pins Leese
  • Ella Sim


Merit Scholarship for College Students

  • Jasper Duval 
  • Andrew Peterson


Judy Felt Memorial Volunteerism Scholarship

  • Asa Nugent


Best Essay Award

  • Rachel Burkhalter

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact office@aafsw.org and scholarships@aafsw.org or visit our webpage.


Please do not forget to come to the Department of State and visit our bookstore located in the basement to buy some interesting books at a very low price. Your purchase will help us to continue providing the scholarships. Any other contributions are also welcome. We are also accepting book donations. It is in Foggy Bottom near the garage doors. 


Adah Laureano Ellenport

Scholarship Chair