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Change One Habit, Change Your Life Workshop

AAFSW Wellness Workshop on Zoom
Thursday, Sept. 10
10:30 am – noon, Washington DC time
Free with optional contribution to the presenter
Improving a “keystone habit” can have a cascade of positive effects on your life. For instance, starting a fun exercise routine, or conquering evening snacking, can improve your mood, energy, sleep, fitness, body composition and more. Overcoming a procrastination habit can boost your productivity, self-confidence, and even your financial success.
But HOW can we adopt a new habit and make sure it sticks? According to the latest research on human behavior, it’s essential to use multiple approaches at the same time and not just rely on “willpower.” 
In this 90-minute interactive workshop on Zoom, you’ll choose one important habit you would like to adopt (or break), and you’ll learn and practice ALL the ways to set yourself up for success and actually enjoy the process (that’s a key factor!). You’ll develop your own personal plan that you can implement immediately to produce positive change in your life.
Your workshop leader is certified health coach and AAFSW volunteer Patricia Linderman. Find out more about her work at www.fierceafter45.com.

This is part of a series of wellness workshops organized by AAFSW Program Chair Sheila Switzer. We hope to see you there!