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Cha-Shu, the Chinese Art of Tea

AAFSW/FBS cordially invite you join us for lunch and an interesting presentation by one of our members, Yunhui Mao Singer, about Chinese green teas from the Hongzhou region in the Zhejiang Province where her paternal ancestors are from. She has kindly offered to host us at her residence in Reston, VA, on Thursday, June 16, at 11:30 a.m.

Millions of people all over the world enjoy drinking tea, but few know its history and cultivation. All tea in the world came from China originally. It is only in the last century and half that tea has been grown outside China from Chinese seeds. Although Chinese tea lovers never developed an intricate tea ceremony such as Chanoyu in Japan, there is definitely a Chinese art of tea. It is known as Cha-shu.

Cha-shu embraces skill in the growing and processing of tea leaves; knowing how to brew fine teas so as to extract the maximum flavor and aroma; cultivating a taste for various kinds of tea; and knowing how to relax and savor a brew in pleasant surroundings. Other essentials are the kinds of water used to brew the tea and artful tea-ware with unostentatious beauty which brings an atmosphere of tranquil harmony.

RSVP to office@aafsw.org by Monday, June 13, and get directions. Please bring your favorite dish to share with us. We look forward to seeing you and learn how to appreciate and enjoy the delicious green tea.

Sheila Switzer
AAFSW Program Chair