Celebrating 60 Years of Art and BookFair

This past year has challenged all of us to do things differently. Art and BookFair (ABF) was no different. The pandemic made it impossible for us to hold ABF inside the State Department. However, we could not let our 60th anniversary go by without a celebration. So, thanks to Carol Sparhawk and Martine Nakpil we made a video! I hope you will click on the link so you can hear from a few of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers who talk about their area of expertise in the ABF. The fun celebration is the latter part of the video with a musical slide show of Art and BookFair. AAFSW President Lara Center is featured near the beginning and with important information at the end. Please share this video with friends and on your social media pages: It is a good way to let the public know who we are and why AAFSW is important.

We are not now collecting for next year’s ABF, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for wonderful things to donate. If you have a bunch of books, cull through for the best ones for us to sell. During the pandemic are you going through all your purchases from overseas? As our careers go along, items perfect in our first posts may not fit our current décor. This is true of previous posts throughout our career. BUT, not everyone is able to travel or live in your posts so the items no longer as wonderful now may be perfect for someone else. Again, cul through and choose the best for ABF. Did you collect stamps from other countries? Stamp Corner is interested. What about all that jewelry you have collected over the years? I know I’ve purchased some wonderful pieces at ABF. Share your wealth of jewelry with ABF.

When we volunteers can safely return to State, we will let you know so pickups can resume. For those overseas, either mail items, ask someone traveling, or set a box aside in your air or sea freight when you move. If you want to send something, please notify the AAFSW office beforehand to make sure we can accommodate what you are sending.

Your generosity is what makes ABF possible. Our scholarships and programs are possible because of ABF. Without you we could not succeed. A huge thank you to all our supporters at home and abroad.

Enjoy the video. I raise a virtual glass to another 60 years of Art and BookFair!