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BookStore and Art & BookFair Call for Volunteers

As AAFSW members, we are all here to support our greater Foreign Service family. We have many valuable programs and support groups. These are all led by volunteers. Without volunteers, there is no AAFSW. It is our pleasure and responsibility to volunteer.

Since I am responsible for Art & BookFair and the BookStore, let me go through the volunteer jobs that are needed there. 

Research: As long as you have a computer, it doesn’t matter where you are – we need YOU! Both books and artworks need to be looked up and/or researched to determine value. Sometimes the value is great, and sometimes not.  Discovery is part of the fun. 

Give us half a day in person once a week or every two weeks. Bring an AAFSW friend and work together. Regular volunteers can be partially reimbursed for Metro or parking.

Sales: Helping in the BookStore or Art Corner is rewarding.  Meet today’s Foreign Service people as they browse.  Part of our service is being a comfortable place where clients can take their mind off work and refresh their mind by browsing art, books, work the jigsaw puzzle, buy a piece of jewelry.

Pricing: We wipe and look at each book to determine the price.  There are simple guidelines and a place to work in the side room of the BookStore.

Pick up: Many donors need to have books picked up.  We especially need volunteers to pick up in Maryland.  BookStore Manager Brian Neumann makes the arrangements and will coordinate with you.  This is a sporadic job so if you don’t have lots of time, this may be for you.

Are you working at Main State?  Consider giving half hour of your lunch time and shelve books for us.

There are volunteer needs for everyone. Let’s face it, many of our volunteers have given years and years of service to AAFSW and are getting older and find their life changing. We NEED younger members to step up and join us.

Will you call or email?

Anne Kauzlarich

AAFSW Art & BookFair Chair

Anne.kauzlarich@aafsw.org  ph: 703-869-6969

Brian Neumann

Bookroom@aafsw.org  ph: 202-223-5796