“Austria in Exquisite Motion”: Another Outstanding AAFSW Event

On February 15, AAFSW members and many other guests enjoyed an exceptional event at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. In the Embassy’s large meeting hall, a table was filled with hot and cold beverages, and tray after tray of scrumptious, authentic Austrian cakes and apple strudel kept coming out to satisfy everyone’s appetite and offer us a real taste of Austria right here in the Washington area.

The warm welcome from Mr. Thorsten Eisingerich, Minister and Director for Press and Information, was followed by his presentation of the county’s history, its natural beauties, its innovative industry, and the architecture of its amazing buildings. He also described the various provinces, each offering its own style of life, dishes, traditional attire as well as folk dances.

The program became better and better by the second, capturing everyone’s hearts with Austria’s endless beauties. Everyone enjoyed the amazing video documentary and Mr. Eisengerich’s informative and humorous narration.

Austria possesses exquisite beauties like no other nation on our entire planet. She is the “Mother” of some of the best classical music that we have and will always enjoy hearing: Strauss father and son, Schubert, Haydn, Mozart and so many others!

The breathtaking presentation of the country’s beauties continued with several folk dances as well as the classic Viennese waltz, demonstrated by a couple who are experts in the full range of Austria’s traditional dances. All good things come to an end, however, and the program had already been extended thanks to our generous hosts. This was a supreme, memorable event — and yes, “Austria in exquisite motion” indeed.

Many thanks to Mr. Thorsten Eisingerich and his wife Dr. Kulwadee Tongpubesra Eisingerich, who prepared the apple strudel and other treats; AAFSW Program Chair Sheila Switzer; AAFSW’s Program Chair Sheila Switzer; Barbara Reioux, the “Honey Bee” of AAFSW; Dr. Joanna Athanosopoulos Owen, our President; and everyone else who made it possible for all of us to enjoy an exquisite, memorable and unforgettable time.

Troella Tyznik
AAFSW Assistant Treasurer