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Financial Security and the Foreign Service Spouse

A series contributed by AAFSW Content Manager Kelly Bembry Midura providing an overview of the financial concerns specific to Foreign Service spouses.

Part 1: Financial Security and the Foreign Service Spouse
Banking, credit cards, credit ratings, and emergency funds.

Part 2: Establishing Co-Ownership of Material Assets
Real estate, vehicles, and household effects, overseas and at home.

Part 3: Retirement Matters
The Foreign Service Pension Plan (FSPS), Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), and Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB).

Retirement Planning for Foreign Service Spouses

A series contributed by FS spouse and financial planner Hui-Chin-Chen that focuses specifically on saving and investing for retirement.

Part 1: Planning Two Retirements on One Income
An overview of retirement savings vehicles available to Foreign Service spouses.

Part 2: Retirement Planning for Locally-Employed Accompanying Spouses
Issues specific to saving for retirement while working for a local employer at an overseas post.

Part 3: Retirement Planning for Self-Employed Accompanying Spouses
The different types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) available to self-employed spouses.

Part 4: Retirement Planning for Accompanying Spouses – Working for a U.S. Employer
Understanding eligibility and options for retirement benefits while telecommuting for a U.S. employer overseas.

Other Topics

Understanding the Basics of Medical Insurance
Liz Amen offers a primer on medical insurance terms and policies.

Bridging a Financial Gap That We All Face
John K. Naland on preparing for the gap between the death of a Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) annuitant and their survivor’s receipt of benefits.

International Roaming and the Foreign Service
Dave Pernal on how not to get hit with outrageous cell phone bills while living and traveling overseas.

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