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Moving from Post to Post
Thriving in Every Environment
Technical Matters
Tales from the Trenches


Moving From Post to Post

Dealing with that Awful Moving Feeling
Moving is incredibly stressful. Patricia Linderman on strategies for staying sane and enjoying your last few months at post.

Get Your Household Into Shape for the New Year!
Kelly Bembry Midura on decluttering and lightening your load before your next international move.

Ten Ways to Adjust Faster to a New Post
Patricia Linderman tells us how to hit the ground running.

Unicycles, Rubber Chickens and Kilns
Leslie Ashby on all the weird stuff we take around the world to make our houses homes.

Thriving in Every Environment

Dealing with Winter Blues
Sun-lover Kelly Bembry Midura is a survivor of two cold-weather posts. Her advice on getting through looooong winters.

What to Take to the Tropics
Truly tropical posts present their own set of challenges, from sunburn to mildew. Patricia Linderman offers her experienced advice on what to include in a shipment to post.

Technical Matters

Bringing a Newsletter into the 21st Century
Kate Romero explains.

Why You Need a Virtual Private Network
Netflix is just the start of a long story. Danielle Dumm explains VPNs in detail.

Tales from the Trenches

Life as a Deputy Chief of Mission’s Spouse
Once your officer hits the “big time” what will your life be like? An experienced Foreign Service spouse tells all.


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