Packing Out is Hard to Do

Please sing along. You know the tune…

Don’t take my plates away from me
My pots and pans, my cutlery
Got more entertaining to do
And packing makes it hard to do….

Remember when we first arrived
It took so long to get the house just right
Now I can’t wait to start anew
But packing up is hard to do

They say that packing up is hard to do
I already knew that this was true
But now the tour is at end
And pretty soon I know that we’ll be moving in again.

I don’t know if I sent it right
Is Barbie on the cruise or on the flight?
I hope my shoes arrive in twos
Packing out is hard to do…

Copyright 2004 Marlene Monfiletto Nice

Marlene Monfiletto Nice is a Foreign Service spouse. A journalist by profession, she has worked as a reporter, columnist and editor at major newspapers in NJ and Pennsylvania. She has also worked as writer/editor, web site manager, and CLO in Ankara and Montevideo.