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Starting with a “Book Mart” in October 1961, AAFSW has held a book sale every year at the State Department. This October, the Art and BookFair will once again offer books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, stamps and coins, and art treasures from all over the world. Our donors from the Foreign Service community have lived everywhere, and customers come to this sale knowing that they can find truly unique international items. This sale has raised $60,000 to $100,000 annually. Over the years that has added up to more than a million dollars.

AAFSW uses Art and BookFair funds to finance scholarships and many other projects in support of the Foreign Affairs community, from our website to informational programs and events of all types. Some of the proceeds, as well as in-kind donations, are given to DC-area community organizations. Just as the family members of the Foreign Service depend on AAFSW to advocate for their interests, AAFSW itself depends on the income from the Art and BookFair to function. And we depend on our members to help make this event a success!

Yes, I want to help at Art and BookFair 2023! Dates are October 19 – November 10, 2023

Please sign up no later than Oct. 1 in order to have a special badge prepared for you. Later volunteers may also enter with a State ID, diplomatic passport, or visitor badge, but please submit the form below as soon as possible so we can schedule volunteer days.

Thanks for your support. We can’t do it without you!

Please check the calendar and fill out the volunteer form below with your availability.


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