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Art and BookFair 2017

I hope you had a chance to come by this year’s Art and BookFair (ABF). It was fabulous!

To our members overseas, you were also a part of ABF. Many of our Art Corner items came from the posts where you serve. Some of us served there a few years ago, but the donated items came from your posts. Today, you are looking at future items for ABF. Think of us when you graciously receive gifts or purchase local items. What can you bring back to donate? And don’t forget stamps and coins. Out of circulation coins and foreign stamps old and new are really needed.

You may be wondering why am I talking about next year when we just finished this year. November is when we start accepting donations for ABF 2018. Yes, it takes eleven months to prepare for ABF. Join us!

Now, let me tell you about the fun we had at this year’s ABF. Due to the change in administration and their groups still using conference rooms, we had to use the AAFSW Book Store as our Volunteer Room. It really turned out well. Barbara and Melanie did a great job setting up the room to be cozy and welcoming. Volunteers smiled, restocked shelves and tables, chatted with shoppers and helped them store items until ready to purchase. For the first time in my memory we put out every book two days before the end of ABF! That was quite a feat since we had nearly 700 boxes of books.

Opening day saw lots of people waiting to shop. Many had peeked at the books and art as we set up during the week. All in all, there was a steady stream of shoppers most days. Drum roll please – we raised just over $3,000 more than last year! Check out the pictures.

Many of us renewed friendships and made new friends. We all worked well together and had a good time. During ABF we had 62 volunteers, some coming nearly every day while others could only come for a day or two. I do want to mention a few outstanding volunteers who came nearly every day and worked very hard: Anna, Carole, Sri, June, Katarina, Lucy, Veronica, and Carole – who also did many 6:00 am shifts – and the Stamp Corner volunteers, Richard and Skip. If I missed anyone, I apologize. One more person must also be mentioned – Martine! Our Book Room Manager is terrific. If you don’t know her, stop by and meet her. You will enjoy working with Martine and the other volunteers.

Overseas members, stop in and see us when you are in town. If you’re in town for a few months, come on by. We can always use volunteers and are a fun group. Do you live in the area? Think about volunteering during the year. We do not require any specific amount of time. Martine will be happy to chat with you and arrange for you to come in to work with us. Call the Book Room office: 202-223- 5796 to volunteer or arrange for a pick-up.

Anne Kauzlarich
Art and BookFair Chair