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Another Outstanding AAFSW Program: Tai Chi on May 31

The Tai Chi performances offered by Alfredo and Shunying Barela captured both the heart and the mind with their movements that were gentle yet strong enough to tackle a bull. Gentle floating movements connected the entire body from head to toe, from the end of the fingertips to the toes grabbing like tiger claws onto the surface of the ground. Tai Chi is a Martial Art like no other!

I see Tai Chi as a combination of Yoga, Exercise, Judo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu/Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do, touching the soul, body and mind with the energy of the universe. Tai chi is a form of focusing on the breathing, letting the energy flow through the veins and arteries, and healing the entire body from the inside out. All of us have heard of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li, who brought ancient Chinese Martial Arts into the theaters for us to be thrilled.

Alfredo and Shunying were just superbly amazing and kind and gave freely all information and instructions. They had a great influence on the group — although the participants had never been exposed to Tai Chi, after a couple of performances and simple instructions even Little Princess Victoria performed like a pro. It was a truly amazing Tai Chi session.

I believe that Patricia’s Linderman dynamic diet/exercise demonstration a few weeks back and this Tai Chi session are proof that AAFSW offers the best of everything. Tai Chi relieves stress, grounds one with the Earth and the Universe, lets positive energy flow through the body controlled by the mind, and helps keep one healthy from the inside out, without meds or drugs, joint pain or muscle aches, and helping prevent diseases or sickness.

All of the eight moves we learned were just amazingly beautiful, and there are many more varieties of steps to keep one floating in another dimension and a world of beauty! Thank you to Alfredo and Shunying, as
well as to Sheila Switzer for arranging this program and Patricia for her previous demonstration, and to all the amazingly talented members of the U.S. Foreign Service community!

The only negative aspect of the event was that not enough people attended. I’m very sorry that more people were not able to share in its great benefits. Please help spread the word and bring friends to AAFSW’s wonderful programs!

-Troella Tyznik