Annual AAFSW Volunteer Appreciation Lunch Tuesday, May 8, 2018

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, many AAFSW members and volunteers gathered together at the beautiful home of Elaine, Ron, and Brian Neumann to share a scrumptious lunch offered by the AAFSW Board members and express our appreciation for one another and our volunteer efforts.

After a brief AAFSW Board meeting, all of us joined our hosts Ron and Elaine Neumann out on their balcony and garden to enjoy one of the most brilliant spring days while drinking cold beverages and eating a variety of international foods and desserts.

Immediately after lunch, the AAFSW Board and its President, Dr. Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen, handed many awards out to eleven well deserving AAFSW volunteers. AAFSW wishes to express its gratitude to all of our volunteers for all their energy and efforts throughout the year. This year, there were many members deserving an AAFSW Volunteer Award for a variety of reasons. This is the list of the 2018 AAFSW Volunteer of the Year Awards:

Aleksandar Blagoevski-Trazoff
In recognition of his outstanding and successful leadership as the 2017 AAFSW Eligible Family Member Working Group Coordinator

Jen Dinoia 
In recognition of her valuable contributions to the success of the 2017 AAFSW Eligible Family Member Working Group

Gladys Baker
In recognition of her many years of exceptional dedication serving in the AAFSW Housing Office

Danuta Moon
In recognition of her outstanding work as the 2017 Art & BookFair Publicity Coordinator

Yolanda Macias-Cottrell
In recognition of her exceptional work and dedication as the 2017 SOSA Chair

Sherry Barndollar Rock
In recognition of her exceptional work and dedication as the 2017 and 2018 AAFSW Scholarship Committee Chair

Patricia Linderman
For her instrumental role in creating and maintaining the and for coordinating the AAFSW Yahoo Email Group

Catherine Pierce
In recognition of her valuable and sustainable contributions to the AAFSW Foreign Service Hub (

Sheila Switzer
In recognition of her exceptional dedication leading the AAFSW Foreign-Born Spouses Group for many years

Sheila Switzer
For her many years of supporting the “AAFSW Spouses in Transition” and leading the “AAFSW Family Crisis Fund” Committee

Martine Nakpil
In recognition of her efficiency and willingness to offer her volunteer time for the benefit of AAFSW

Barbara Reioux
In recognition of effectively offering her volunteer time to support AAFSW in every possible way

All of us at AAFSW are humbled by the awardees’ selfless dedication, volunteer time, and unlimited support in securing AAFSW success in a variety of ways. AAFSW would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Neumann for opening once again their welcoming home and spectacular garden for all of us to enjoy a sunny and lovely day during our annual AAFSW Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.

Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen, PhD
AAFSW President