Anne Kauzlarich

During 32 years as an EFM in the Foreign Service, Anne served as a CLO Coordinator, newsletter editor, post Commercial Officer, in numerous International Women’s Clubs, created two NGOs, and received the Avis Bohlen Award. 

Anne was an Executive Assistant at DACOR Bacon House dealing with maintenance, a major renovation project, guest rooms, and special events.  Later, she was elected to the Board of Governors/Trustees where she served two terms.  She served on the Executive Committee and continues on the House and Garden Committee. Anne is a longtime AAFSW member having served as President, Art and Book Fair Treasurer, and Art and Book Fair Chair.  During her presidency, Anne testified before Congress on the future of the Foreign Service, served on the committee that transformed Around the World in a Lifetime (AWAL) into the Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF). She was principal drafter for the AAFSW Secretary of State’s Award (SOSA) for outstanding service abroad) and helped draft the Leslie Dorman Award, given to individuals for sustained outstanding service to the AAFSW. Anne presented Leslie with the first award.