Anna Bysfield, AAFSW First Vice President

Anna grew up in Northwestern China, and met and married her Foreign Service husband while
they both worked in Beijing. When the Bysfields moved back to DC in 2003, they didn’t have
any family or friends in the area. Luckily, they found the AAFSW Housing Office when they
were looking for a place to rent. Not only did they find a great property through the Housing
Office, they also joined an amazing Foreign Service community. Their two young kids joined the
AAFSW playgroup. Anna made many friends at foreign-born spouse gatherings. Livelines has
been a go-to place for them, for answers on FAM regulations, post information, or best property

Anna attended many great programs that Sheila Switzer has organized, including a
White House Christmas tour, a Washington Monument visit, and the Albanian Ambassador’s talk
on Orthodox icons at Sheila’s house. When Anna and her family were posted overseas, what she
missed most about living in DC was Sheila’s programs. Thanks to Sheila and many other tireless
volunteers, AAFSW has made the Bysfield family’s transition back to DC more enjoyable and
less stressful.  Now Anna hopes to be able to help others in the Foreign Affairs community as
AAFSW has helped her and her family over the years. Anna currently works as an office
manager in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs at State.