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An Active Year for the FBS Group

The AAFSW Foreign-Born Spouses (FBS) group was very active this year. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the group was able to adapt both in-person and virtual events to keep all members connected.

In the last quarter of the year, the Foreign-Born Spouses Challenges and Success Stories series had two amazing EFMs, Alix Lee Bryant from American History Abroad and Eva Trembacz Souza, a writer. We have wonderful conversations and great participation with members from around the globe.

We have hosted virtual coffees for new members via Zoom and finally, we were able to meet in person for a few events: happy hours, Hispanic Heritage Month, a visit to Alexandria, and soon we will be having our holiday celebration.

We hope to continue to meet either virtual or in-person next year. Some people refer to us as the CLO of the DMV. All these events were possible thanks to the participation of our members near and far.


Upcoming Events:

December 20th AAFSW Foreign-Born Spouses Ornament exchange

January 13th Muse paint Bar- Paint and wine night.

Last Friday of each month is a virtual coffee!