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Back to school looked a bit different for kids around the world this year, but for many Foreign Service families, enrolling in an online American history course was not an unfamiliar experience. For the past seven years, U.S. History Abroad, LLC has been filling the American history learning gaps for K-8th grade Foreign Service kids living abroad.  

This EFM-run company was started by Alix Bryant, who was living in Moscow, Russia with her family. At the time, she was homeschooling their three children and so it was natural for other FS families to ask her for advice on what resources would be helpful to supplement their children’s American history education. Eventually, parents asked if she would be interested in teaching American history to their children since the school at post didn’t cover the  that are required by the Standards of Learning in U.S. public schools. 

As a natural entrepreneur, Alix took that idea and ran with it and has taught FS kids all over the world the very same American history material that their Stateside peers are learning. 

In an attempt to boost morale during this unique Back-to-School season, she shared a video of LeVar Burton giving a special shout out to our young diplomats. You can watch it here:

To learn more about U.S. History Abroad’s online American history courses for expat kids, visit and sign up to get notified when enrollment opens up again.