Housing Office

AAFSW Housing Office/Online Housing Office

The AAFSW Housing Office is located in room 1252 at the Main State Department Building (HST) next to the Employee Services Center. It has provided service to the Foreign Service community since 1960. Originally, STATE Personnel was responsible for assisting newcomers with finding housing. In 1960, funds were cut and the service was discontinued. Rather than see this assistance stop, the AAFSW took it over–first from a desk in the Employee Services Center and then from the space now referred to as the “Housing Office.”

State employees and family members interested in listing their ads may pick up a property card from the Housing Office, fill it out and return it for posting. Those interested in finding housing may browse the property listings, which are organized by area.

AAFSW Online Housing Office

Those seeking housing should also explore the Online Housing Office/Classifieds page on the AAFSW website (www.aafsw.org): http://www.aafswclassifieds.com/

Property owners are welcome to post ads on http://www.aafswclassifieds.com/

For more information, email housing@aafsw.org or call 202-647-3573 or the AAFSW office at 703-820-5420.