CLO Alumni Association

This support group for current and former Community Liaison Office Coordinators, has aligned itself with AAFSW and is ready to “take off”. The organization has existed for several years, but struggles to keep the membership in contact with each other. We all move so often that it has been hard to maintain our focus and our goals.

Since our union with the AAFSW, the CLO Association has gained valuable benefits, including space on this website, as well as permanent home, phone number and administrative support at AAFSW headquarters. A directory of members will soon be available in the Members-Only section of the site, and we hope to be able to chat online as a group eventually.

AAFSW is dedicated to creating and sustaining our Foreign Service community around the globe through it’s newsletter (Global Link), this website, Livelines, Washington-area interest groups, scholarships, our Housing Office, and so much more.

To continue this tradition of service, however, AAFSW needs members. We encourage CLOs to join, and to obtain a membership for the CLO position at your post. We also hope you will promote AAFSW membership in your post newsletter-we have asked FLO to help us make a sample article available to you-and that you will make our brochures prominently available at your post.

We all appreciate the work that CLOs do to support your posts, and we are grateful for anything you can do to support AAFSW as well. Please let us know if you would like more information, or would like to receive our brochures via snail-mail.

If you are a CLO or former CLO and would like to be a part of this great organization, you can contact the group coordinators at, or call the AAFSW main office at 703-820-5420.