AAFSW offers something for everyone! Here is a brief overview of our many activities.

Washington, DC, Area Activities
Foreign-Born Spouses Group
DC-Area Playgroup
French Conversation Group
Art & Bookfair and Bookroom
Social Media Groups

Washington, DC Area Activities
AAFSW presents programs and events year round. Our monthly programs include prominent speakers, tours of local museums and historic sights, and occasional parties!

In recent years, our Happy Hours, held at the Oakwood Apartments in Falls Church, Va., to welcome newcomers to the Foreign Service have been a big hit. Whether you are a “newbie” or a more experienced member of our community, we invite you to join us.

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Foreign-­Born Spouses Group
The Foreign-Born Spouses group is for all foreign-born spouses of Foreign Service officers and is very active, with a variety of events every month.

The Foreign-Born Spouses also maintain a Facebook group for those who cannot join them in DC.

DC-­Area Playgroup
The DC-Area Playgroup is another AAFSW tradition. Active since 1997, its members meet weekly at various kid-­friendly attractions in the area. Their Facebook group is for all past and current members of the group to stay in touch and share information.

French Conversation Group
The French Conversation Group has been meeting for over forty years! Members meet twice a month to improve their French language skills.

Art & BookFair and BookRoom

AAFSW’s annual Art & BookFair takes place every October at the State Department in Washington, DC. Thousands of used books, art objects, collectibles, stamps and coins are sold at the Fair. AAFSW volunteers work year ­round collecting, sorting and pricing items for the Fair, which is AAFSW’s primary fundraising event.

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BookPlace operates all year in the State Department, selling used books to employees and also welcomes volunteers! Contact for more information.

Social Media Groups
AAFSW members network globally along with the entire Foreign Service community in our closed, moderated, social media groups. Two groups are restricted to AAFSW members only: our “Livelines” Yahoo Group and our Global Connection Facebook Group. All the other groups are open to anyone in the community with proof of Foreign Service affiliation. See each group description for guidelines. Find links to each group here.