AAFSW’s St. Patrick’s Celebration 2017

Our generous hostess and AAFSW member Ceres opened her gorgeous home on March 8 for a wonderful celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! AAFSW members and other guests honored this celebration by wearing a variety of the color green and contributing delicious typical Irish dishes and desserts. Ceres provided a special Irish drink that she had meticulously prepared herself, allowing us all to savor a very special St. Patrick’s Day moment. Irish songs and decor added an extra touch that Ceres provided for a truly authentic AAFSW St. Patrick’s celebration.

Everyone had a real taste of fun and a great time as we continued by reading Irish poems, with an award for the best poem, as well as receiving individual gifts. These awards and gifts were provided by none other than our amazing and awesome AAFSW Program Chair Sheila Switzer, without whom none of these enjoyable, fun programs would have existed!

There is no club and no organization that provides so much beauty and such a grand time as AAFSW, and so please come join us to experience unforgettable, memorable times!

Troella Tyznik
Assistant Treasurer

Troella received the award for best poem — one she had written!

AAFSW is the World’s Valentine

AAFSW: we are the leaves to provide shade in time of need!

We are the fun, the joy, the laughter, the helper, the volunteer, the support, the friend, the family, the info, here and abroad.

We are the roots that spreads here in good USA and around the world, with love from the depths of our hearts.

We are all Angelic women and men to be the blessing of all we meet and for everyone to know we are the whispering loving Angels of AAFSW!