AAFSW’s Post Coordinators

Overseas? Join us on the “new frontier” and become an AAFSW Post Coordinator!

AAFSW has a lot to offer Foreign Service community members overseas as well as in the U.S. — but many people at post are not aware of us and what we do.

Therefore, we’re looking for one dedicated member at each post to serve as AAFSW Post Coordinator. We’ve started a Facebook group to connect our local leaders (but we can move to another platform if preferred by the group). We already have dynamic volunteers such as Lara Center (Hanoi), Jen Dinoia (Ankara), Leah Evans (Asuncion), Sarah Novak (Lilongwe) and Peggy Sokoloff (Monrovia) — please join our team!

Here are ten ways we think volunteer AAFSW Post Coordinators overseas can make a positive difference:
1. Raise awareness of AAFSW. Make sure the CLO, newsletter editor, and others at post are aware of our non-profit volunteer organization and all the wonderful things we do.

2. If possible, establish an “AAFSW Corner” in the newsletter or post blog, or a monthly update on a post social media group, to report interesting news from AAFSW.

3. Reach out personally to promote AAFSW membership and help get people at post involved, for instance by joining Livelines; using our FS Hub, Online Housing Office, EFM Business Directory, etc.; nominating award candidates; volunteering for us, and so forth.

4. Get to know the leaders of other organizations and interest groups serving our community (AFSA, FSYF, GLIFAA, etc.) and see how you can cooperate and cross-promote for the benefit of all.

5. Hold AAFSW-sponsored events. In consultation/coordination with your CLO and post management, consider organizing events in AAFSW’s areas of interest such as an EFM Business Fair, AAFSW Crisis Fund fundraiser, or workshop on financial preparedness for spouses/partners.

6. Ease the transition to DC. For those going to DC, invite them to AAFSW’s upcoming events, let them know about our volunteer opportunities, and link them up with the AAFSW Playgroup and/or Foreign-Born Spouse group if appropriate. (Both have Facebook groups, so they can join even while still at post.)

7. Collect ideas for AAFSW. Be alert to ideas about how AAFSW can best serve and represent people
at your post, to be passed on to the other Coordinators and the AAFSW Board.

8. Be a leader in peer-to-peer support. AAFSW is based on the idea of Foreign Service community members voluntarily helping each other. Talk to your CLO (or Management/FLO if there is no CLO) and others about what you can do as an AAFSW volunteer to help bring your community together.

9. Share questions, best practices and creative ideas with the other Coordinators.

10. Help recruit other dynamic volunteers you know to become AAFSW Post Coordinators.
Ready to start? Contact patricia@aafsw.org or request to be added to our Facebook group at
https://www.facebook.com/groups/AAFSWPostCoordinators/ .

Patricia Linderman
AAFSW President Emerita and Post Coordinator for Nuevo Laredo