AAFSW’S Livelines Group

Whether you have a crisis that you are not sure how to handle, questions on what to do with that strange-looking fruit in the market, or the desire to find out what a possible post is really like, there are times when it would help to talk to other Foreign Service family members around the world.  AAFSW’s email discussion group, “Livelines,”  on groups.io, lets you to do just that.

Livelines is also a great way to find a place to live or rent out your home to other members of the Foreign Service community. You can also buy or sell cars and household items. Members may post ads on the group and also on aafswclassifieds.com.

To subscribe to Livelines, enter our members-only section, and click the Yahoo! Groups button. Once your application is approved by our Livelines moderator, you can start passing on your favorite Foreign Service tips or asking those deep, philosophical questions, such as “How do I keep the movers from wrapping up the garbage and sending it to Malawi?” or more seriously “How do I care for an ailing parent back home?”

If you are not yet an AAFSW member, please visit our membership page to determine your eligibility and apply for membership online. You may request a Livelines subscription on the application form, and you will be subscribed automatically once your membership is complete.

As a subscriber, you will have access to the Livelines archives, which contain over twelve years’ worth of collective wisdom from members of the Foreign Service community. Livelines members can also share photos, links, and other information of interest to the community. Subscription options include individual emails, daily digests of topics, or web-only.