AAFSW’s 2017 Halloween Party


AAFSW members and friends gathered for a convivial Halloween celebration on Sunday evening, October 29. Music brought by Ani and Hector provided a suitably spooky atmosphere. Tom presented a Halloween quiz, from which we learned arcane and fascinating facts about the history of the holiday. Guests described how Halloween, or a related holiday (like Mexico’s “Day of the Dead”) was celebrated in their home countries. And we each gave a little background on our costumes.



There were costumes from many nations, including Vietnam, China, Senegal, Pakistan, and the Philippines–and the USA was represented by Sheila and Tom’s cowgirl and cowboy outfits. The winning costume was Joanna’s Phantom of the Opera, complete with 19th century-style cape, white gloves and white face mask, which she purchased immediately after viewing the Phantom play in London. Troella won second prize, dressing as a “regal international gypsy,” with a multi-colored hoop skirt, enormous floppy hat with flowers, and multiple pieces of jewelry. And Ani clinched third prize with her elegant beaded Pakistani gown with built-in veil.

Barbara Reioux
AAFSW Office Manager