AAFSW Volunteer Luncheon — and an Appeal for Membership

The AAFSW Volunteer Luncheon on June 14 was a great success, with a huge crowd of current and past AAFSW volunteers attending. Many enthusiastic guests kept on arriving, even well after the planned ending time. Once again, an enormous variety of homemade delicious food and desserts were prepared by the AAFSW Board and enjoyed by the volunteers. Elaine Neumann once again generously hosted the event at her comfortable, beautiful Arlington home with its gorgeous gardens.

AAFSW provides many services and programs that are fun and enjoyable, where newcomers and old-timers alike meet and make friends. It is so important that everyone in the Foreign Service community, from newcomers to retirees, join AAFSW, which is only $40 per year for access to all of Sheila Switzer’s amazing events and programs, along with so many other benefits.

There is no other organization, club or any other institution that provides such exclusive access to events at foreign embassies, monthly lunches in members’ homes, behind-the-scenes visits to museums and other fascinating places, and specialized programs.

AAFSW is the “heart” of the State Department for everyone in the DC area and abroad. We are a big international family like no other! Please encourage people you know in DC or at your post to join AAFSW and be a member of this unique non-profit organization. Donations to AAFSW are also tax deductible. Join this affordable organization and enjoy all the beauties it offers. Visit www.aafsw.org, or contact Barbara Reioux at 703-820-5420 or office@aafsw.org to join this awesome group!
Troella Tyznik