AAFSW Mother’s Day Celebration


AAFSW has the greatest programs that are introduced by our amazing volunteer Program Chair Sheila Switzer. There is not enough celebration to celebrate the greatest event of the year, which is none other than Mother’s Day!

AAFSW Members and guests arrived at Anna Maria’s exquisite, elegant home, laden with gifts, delicious homemade food, including scrumptious desserts, to celebrate and enjoy Mother’s Day.
Additionally, each one of us composed or found a poem having to do with mothers or Mother’s Day that we brought to share with everyone else. After sharing the poems, we voted to decide who would win the very beautiful prize for the best poem.

Every lady felt the joy and expressed the value of importance of a mother. A mother is life itself and without a mother, none of us would be here: as water is essential for life a mother is all beauty and life.

Many thanks and a grand warm appreciation to Anna Maria for hosting AAFSW Mother’s Day in her very beautiful fashionable classic home.

Troella Tyznik
AAFSW Assistant Treasurer

Troella’s poem won first place:

Mother’s Love is in the depths of her heart
Mother’s love is warm, sweet, kind, forgiving,
Generous, understanding, and always endlessly loving her child from the moment she knows she is carrying her child.

Mother, Mummy, Mom, Mama what a simple word,
But, it is the word of the World
Who do you call when you fall,
Who do you cry on a shoulder,
Who wipes your tears away,
Who makes the sacrifice,
Who cooks for you and the entire family,
Who stays up all night,
Who teaches you to talk,
Who helps you to walk,
Who is giving you a hand to dress,
Who shows you to do your laces,
Who comps your hair,
Who seats besides you so you can learn to write,
Your ABCs and be your first teacher for all you need to learn, so you can a successful, powerful, intelligent individual and Mom’s pride and joy.
Mother is the life for all and everything.
Mother is a word that holds all the treasures of the Planet and the Universe.
No one will be here if it was not for a Mom.
And let us not forget we all have our Mom to be thankful for and our Mother Earth for all of us to carry on, today, tomorrow and till the end of time.
Mom, I love you so, because no one can hold your load(s), of joy you bring to the World!