AAFSW is Looking for a New AAFSW Assistant Treasurer

AAFSW is actively seeking a new Assistant Treasurer to fill a recent AAFSW Board elected position vacancy.

This is a wonderful opportunity to gather experience and knowledge and it would look great on any resume as well!

The responsibilities and duties of the AAFSW Assistant Treasurer:

Assistant Treasurer – Volunteer Job Description

Keeps all financial records for Art & BookFair, as reported by the Book Operations Manager; is responsible for the collection of receipts during Art & BookFair, and for counting and depositing same; prepares a monthly report of the BOOKFAIR/BookPlace accounts, based in part on figures supplied by the Book Operations Manager, for inclusion in the Treasurer’s monthly financial report; prepares a fiscal year annual accounting of receipts and expenditures from Art & BookFair/BookPlace; pays various taxes to federal, state and D.C. governments as required, and maintain the records thereof; is a member of the Bookroom Oversight Committee and of the Finance Committee; and assumes the duties of the Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence.

AAFSW hopes that many of the AAFSW members will step up and offer their volunteer service for this position and join AAFSW’s Executive Board.

Thank you,