AAFSW Fun For Funds Fundraising Event: A Celebration of the Spring Season

AAFSW Fun For Funds Fundraising Event: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Celebration of the Spring Season with an Excursion and a Special Chocolate Lovers’ Afternoon Tea at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, AAFSW members and AAFSW friends got together to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Season with a wonderful excursion and a special chocolate lovers’ afternoon tea at the Jefferson hotel in Richmond, Virginia, which was full of surprises.

Our first stop was at the historic St. John’s Church for an optional guided tour. St. John’s Church was established around 1741 on land donated by Colonel William Byrd II and it is the location of the first graveyard in Richmond. Historic personalities such as Elizabeth Arnold Poe, Governors John Page and James Wood and many others are buried in St. John’s Church’s graveyard. St. John’s Church is the building where the second Virginia convention took place, deciding on the establishment of militia, which helped the colonies revolt against the crown, and where, at that time, Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. St. John’s Church current Bell Tower was constructed in 1904.

After taking a quick look inside St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to see the famous, religious, original Tiffany stained windows such as: The Annunciation; the Fruit of the Spirit; the Vision of Christ to Believers; Cornelius and the Angel; Jesus Blessing the Children; the Angel of Hope; the Last Supper; the Kiss of Charity; Paul Before Herod Agrippa; and the Angels of Goodness and Mercy, our second stop was at the Virginia State Capitol for an optional guided tour.

In 1779, the Virginia Legislature voted to move the capital from Williamsburg to Richmond. Thomas Jefferson designed the building in a Greek-Roman style, which in 1788 housed the Virginia General Assembly. Since then, there have been expansions and additions to the building. The architecturally and historically important building is designated as a National Historic Landmark. Inside the State Capitol, there is one of the most famous original white-marble sculptures of George Washington in natural size and a newer bronze sculpture of Thomas Jefferson, Architect of Liberty. AAFSW members finished this part of the tour with a quick look inside the first floor of the Old City Hall.

The highlight of our excursion was the Special Chocolate Lovers’ Afternoon Tea at the aristocratic and historic Jefferson Hotel. Besides enjoying the wonderful tea along with British scones, Victorian sandwiches, and delectable chocolate sweets, our AAFSW members and guests enjoyed an amazing fundraising presentation and many fabulous surprises from Clive Christian Perfumes by AAFSW member, Mr. Maciej Szumny.

Clive Christian O.B.E. Perfumes is a luxury brand from England, the history of which started in 1872, when Queen Victoria commissioned an order for perfume for herself and her beloved husband Prince Albert, and thus granted her crown to be used on the perfume bottles to this day (hence, OBE — Order of British Empire). Mr. Szumny presented the “1872,” a citrus original perfume by Clive Christian, the sensual “X” formula, and the floriental “No 1.” AAFSW is really thankful to Mr. Maciej Szumny for such a breathtaking presentation. All AAFSW members and guests enjoyed the perfumes’ sensation accented by the fan action and diffused in the air around us. AAFSW members learned a lot about the origins of Clive Christian perfumes and the newer lines of “C”, “L”, “V.”

AAFSW is really grateful to Clive Christian for all the company’s generous contributions for the benefit of the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide. Besides Clive Christian Perfumes’ exceptional contributions that two of AAFSW members are currently enjoying, all of AAFSW members and guests present received samples of “Noble VII”, cosmos flower and rock rose. This, indeed, will be a memorable event and we are all looking forward to the new Clive Christian Perfumes’ creations of “I” and “E”.

AAFSW Fun For Funds Fundraising Events Committee would like to thank Clive Christian Perfumes, Mr. Maciej Szumny, and all of AAFSW members and guests who participated in this day-long activity, for helping us enjoy a wonderful, inspirational and educational day and for making this fundraising event such a success for the benefit of AAFSW! What a beautiful way to welcome the spring season!

Dr. Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen, AAFSW President
AAFSW Fun For Funds Fundraising Events Committee Chair