AAFSW Call for Volunteers

AAFSW Is Seeking Volunteers for:

AAFSW Executive Board Candidates for 2018-20

as well as

AAFSW Committee Chairs, Coordinators and Liaisons

Add Your Voice, Have Fun, Get Experience, Help Others!

Are you in the Washington, DC area? Are you returning to DC this summer? AAFSW needs you!

AAFSW brings the Foreign Service community together: spouses/partners (including divorced and widowed), employees, and retirees. AAFSW is YOUR voice, advocating for Eligible Family Members as an independent organization.  As an established non-profit with a solid foundation, AAFSW is in a strong position to make exciting things happen: lobbying on behalf of its members, providing information, resources, scholarships, awards, networks and amazing cultural and international events that EFMs as well as FSOs (active or retired) want and need.  AAFSW is your CLO while you are in Washington DC!

But, no surprise! All this great work happens only when you add your voice, share your ideas, and volunteer your energy!  You can apply your skills and talents towards any position listed here! 

If you already serve AAFSW as a VOLUNTEER in ANY CAPACITY (AAFSW thanks you very much!) and you would like to continue serving, please make sure to indicate your interest to office@aafsw.org. You have until Thursday, May 31, 2018 to let us know.

AAFSW is currently seeking volunteer Executive Board candidates for 2018-2020: President, First and Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

AAFSW is also seeking volunteer Chair candidates for all its Standing Committees (Voting Board Members):  Membership, Programs, Public Relations and Publicity, Secretary of State Awards (SOSA), AAFSW Housing Office, Art and Book Fair, Forum, Fun for Funds.

AAFSW is further seeking Coordinator candidates for the following present Standing Committees (which recommend action to the Board): Scholarships, Finance, Foreign Born Spouse Group, Legislative Liaison, Crisis Support (evacuations, unaccompanied tours), CLO Alumni Association, Families and Spouses in Transition (assistance for divorcing spouses), Children’s Playgroup, Nominating Committee, Fundraising, Liaisons to State, AFSA, FSYF, DACOR, and Senior Living, French Conversation Group, Spouse Oral History, EFM Employment, FSHub, Post Coordinators’ Network.

AAFSW has a wide range of other volunteer positions available as well: Marketing, Podcast Coordinator, Art & BookFair Publicity, BookStore assistant, Art and BookFair assistant and many more.

Foreign Service family members are fascinating, diverse, talented – and a lot of fun to work with.  As a volunteer, you will gain valuable skills and have unique experiences such as advocating for EFMs in meetings with high-level officials, participating in events at Main State and foreign embassies in DC, as well as judging candidates for worldwide awards and youth scholarships.

If you’re overseas, we need your talents there as well!  AAFSW wants to have Post Coordinators in all the US Embassies and Missions abroad!

Please, step up and help keep AAFSW a strong advocate and support organization for EFMs and the entire Foreign Service community.  Or, nominate someone you know who would be a great candidate for any of the positions listed above!

Please, contact us by May 31, 2018 at office@aafsw.org to volunteer, find out more, or indicate your interest to continue serving in the capacity you already serve AAFSW.

Thank you,
Dr. Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen, AAFSW President