AAFSW Announces the 2018 SOSA, Tragen, CCE-EFM and Dorman Award Winners

AAFSW is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of the Secretary of State Award for Outstanding volunteerism Abroad:

From the AF Bureau: Abigail Hankin-Wei – Maputo, Mozambique
From the EAP Bureau: Nicola Hil – Guangzhou, China
From the EUR Bureau: Matt A. Ellsworth – Nicosia, Cyprus
From the WHA Bureau: Jessica R. McInerney – Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The remarkable volunteer activities of the awardees include: starting an Emergency Medicine Residency Program and training the very first class of Emergency Medicine specialized physicians in Mozambique; making invaluable contributions to engage Chinese civil society on women and gender issues through public outreach events; helping Cypriots discover their ancestry through well-developed genealogist resources; building a library from scratch at a local bilingual school in Mexico.

Project summaries and photos will be posted on aafsw.org this month. Please be sure to visit the website and check them out.

AAFSW is also pleased to announce the following awardees:
Patricia Linderman, Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award
Laura Sheehan, Champions of Career Enhancement for EFMs Award
Catherine Pierce, Lesley Dorman Award

The bios of these three awardees will also be posted on aafsw.org.

The four SOSA winners, as well as the Tragen, CCE-EFM, and Dorman Award winners, will be honored on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at the AAFSW Annual Awards Ceremony. The Ceremony will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. Refreshments will be served after the completion of the program at 12:00. From 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. members and guests can mingle and take the opportunity to personally chat with the 2018 award winners.

The Ceremony is free to all AAFSW members, Department of State employees, and guests of winners. Outside guests will be asked to pay $20. Please RSVP for the ceremony by Friday, November 2nd by emailing office@aafsw.org or calling us at 703-820-5420. We hope you can join us to honor these amazing members of the Foreign Service community.

Yolanda Macias-Cottrell
SOSA Chair