AAFSW Holiday Party: A Grand, Joyful Time

AAFSW offered the best and greatest holiday party ever, arranged by our Program Chair Sheila Switzer. Our thanks for such a grand, joyful time goes to Catherine and her husband for providing us with the perfect spacious party room for us to have live musicians, ample space to move around, tables for the great variety of dishes and desserts and a special table to set up the gift exchange. We also had a quiz, and many guests answering correctly received a gift on top of the exchange gift!

Many AAFSW members, their friends, and newcomers honored with their presence the best, most marvelous holiday party we have ever had and experienced! Many thanks go to Barbara Reioux for her endless work and stellar service, which is the key to making Sheila’s programs amazing, memorable, and fabulous.

Many thanks also to Ceres for bringing three huge different delicacies in double quantities for all of us to enjoy and satisfy our hunger, as many attendees came straight from an entire day of hard work. Thanks to our new president for all her input to approve the new holiday party facility!
Many thanks to everyone who honored this amazing holiday party with all of the food, desserts, wine and authentic special hot/cold drinks with an extra touch of liquor to be savored and enjoyed.

It would be hard to find another holiday party that offers as much greatness, joy, fun, beauty, enjoyment, and such a great variety of international delicacies to please every palate, other than the ones Sheila organizes for AAFSW for all of us to enjoy and make memorable images to last us for the rest of our lives.

Yes, AAFSW is the place where you can have it all: meet newcomers, make new friends, and enjoy the company of familiar faces, so please join AAFSW and become a member in order to regularly enjoy the best and greatest experiences that Sheila’s programs offer, time after time! This week alone, Sheila produced three amazing, awesome programs, each one unique, with color, flavor, beauty and culture as one has never experienced before.

AAFSW is what everyone on Earth wants to capture and enjoy: a community of friends supporting each other and enjoying great experiences. It is a magical organization and everything one can dream of!

Troella Tyznik
AAFSW Assistant Treasurer