Housing Office

The AAFSW Housing Office is located in room 1252 on the “two/blue” corridor of the Main State Department Building close to the Foreign Service Lounge and American Express. The office is open 10 AM-3 PM most business days. It has provided service to the Foreign Service community since 1960. Originally, STATE Personnel was responsible for assisting newcomers with finding housing. In 1960, funds were cut and the service was discontinued. Rather than see this assistance stop, the AAFSW took it over–first from a desk in the Employee Services Center and then from the space now referred to as the “Housing Office.” It is staffed by volunteers who provide information on area housing and who keep records of properties which employees wish to rent. They also have a large collection of pamphlets on area public transportation.

Each year, the Housing Office produces an up-dated list of short-term housing divided up by region–Washington, Virginia and Maryland. These lists are usually kept by the Community Liaison Office or Administrative Counselor overseas as they are very useful to people returning to Washington for consultation, home-leave or R&R.

AAFSW is currently developing an online database of housing information to be made available in our members-only section. Stay tuned to the front page of this website or to our Global Link newsletter for updates.

For more information about the Housing Office email housing@aafsw.org or call 202-647-3573 or 202-647-3086.

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